Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a moment, even you!  

About the founder.

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Struggling to perfect mindfulness and being in the moment, it was suggested that I color. "Color? But I'm no artist" , I said. 

But color I did, and was thrilled that I needed no skills to do so. My mind instantly was at rest and my creativity flourished. And guess what? I can create art. And life in coloring was born. I wanted to be able to take my supplies and books with me in a fashionable and convenient case, and my kit was designed!


My first coloring book, "Mindfulness" was born. My design ideas and hand drawings and the drawings of Stevan, my new found hero artist, who tirelessly helped me with my crazy vision ideas, came to life. I'm honored to share them with you, and wish you peace as you are inspired. 

​Best, Gina